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Renting a student apartment
Accommodation for workers as an optimal temporary alternative to the student apartment.

If the university is located in another city, the search for an affordable home comes first. Before the search, however, is the choice of the right student apartment. Single or shared apartment? Interim rent or long-term stay? All offers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Find out which offer best suits your needs and where you can quickly find what you are looking for.

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Studentenwohnung mieten - Renting a student apartment

The right apartment for the start of a student life - what is actually meant by the term student apartment?

A student apartment is an apartment which is rented especially to students, apprentices or interns. Most are small apartments or single apartments, which are used by students. A student apartment should ideally be located close to the respective university or school, so that the access routes are not too long.

For larger apartments, the individual rooms are normally rented to several students. The kitchen, the bathroom and the living room are then usually shared with the roommates. The accruing chores are commonly the responsibility of students, trainees or interns. This is the inexpensive alternative to a student apartment and is called student room. Here, the housing system resembles a residential community, with the difference that the landlord determines who moves in as a new resident and takes care of the apartment.

Studentenwohnung mieten - Student in Wohnung

Short or long-term rental?

Whether short or long-term rental - in a student apartment, students live only for a certain period of time: some only for a temporary rent for a few weeks until they have found their own accommodation, others remain over their entire study in the community of a large student apartment.

An interesting alternative for students in this context may also be flats for workers or construction sites, as these are very cheap. They are also ideal for trainees or apprentices who have only a small budget available to rent an apartment.

A room in a student apartment is usually cheaper for a single student than a completely separate apartment. In addition, in a student apartment, you will meet with various other students from different cultures and religions, often resulting in interesting, new friendships that accompany you throughout your studies.

In the search bar on top of this site you can look up the city, where you need an accommodation. You have direct contact with the landlord and no commission will be taken by Deutschland-Monteurzimmer.de.

Luxury apartments for students

Design-makeover in student apartments

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