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Flat for workers as an inexpensive accommodation option for workers

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The term flats for workers means a flat for installers, workers, travelling salesmen, craftsmen and those who commute home at the weekends, which should be neat, inexpensive and very close to the installation job site or respective construction site. A flat for workers is also called a construction site flat, craftsman flat, worker accommodation, student flat, holiday flat, installation flat or construction apartment.

Workers are usually away on a job from Monday to Friday, across Germany and Europe, and generally only use the flat in the evenings and at night as they start work early in the morning from 5am and work until late in the evening. Workers rarely use their flats on the weekends as they use this time to go home. There are usually one to ten workers from each company, they often already know each other as they have travelled together several times before and have worked together previously. However, there should certainly never be individuals from different companies staying in the same worker’s flat at the same time, as for example in a worker’s hostel - the size of the flat for workers and partitioning easily allows this.

Prices of flats for workers are usually very inexpensive - especially in comparison to a hotel. The exact prices are individually set by each landlord and are therefore always different. For this reason, flats for workers are also well suited to students, interns and trainees who are looking for nice accommodation on a low budget as an interim solution to finding their own flat.

A flat for workers is generally constructed as a holiday home but is rented out to installers, workers and other business travellers rather than to families or individuals who are on holiday. Therefore, value is placed on things other than the furnishings. For example, in a flat for workers, decoration is not important so this is usually plain and simple. The furniture in a flat for workers should be of good quality and condition.

language 10 For many workers, having their own kitchen or cooking facilities is very important so that they can cater for themselves and do not have to visit expensive restaurants. The kitchen should have the most common equipment. The bathroom should be clean and must be cleaned regularly. Internet access, a TV and comfortable beds are a must-have for all workers. Freely available towels and bedding provided by the landlord are welcomed by the workers. Another advantage is having a designated parking area for the workers directly outside the flat so that they can avoid spending a long time searching for parking spaces.

On our online portal www.deutschland-monteurzimmer.de there is an extensive selection of suitable flats for workers and other worker accommodation in numerous cities throughout all of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. You can also find flats for workers in Austria. All accommodation adverts on our portal include photos of the accommodation, a precise description of the facilities, prices per night and the contact details for the particular landlord.

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