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Rooms for workers as an inexpensive accommodation alternative for workers

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Rooms for workers are the ideal solution for any workmen working in a different city and who require an inexpensive and central place to stay. Workers’ rooms are suitable for assembly workers, installers, workmen, craftsmen, travelling salesmen, trade fair visitors, business travellers and those who commute home at the weekend. Rooms for workers are also an affordable option for students, trainees or interns.

Please enter the city or postcode where you are looking for a low-cost room, a room for workers, accommodation for workers, a flat for workers, a low-cost private room, a low-cost guest room, an inn, a guest house or a boarding house in Germany (as well as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands):

A single room for workers is generally far cheaper than a whole flat for workers, so this saves on unnecessary costs. As most workers spend very little time in the accommodation because they are working a lot, the space of one room is usually sufficient. The price/performance ratio is first and foremost when selecting the right rooms for workers. The room should be inexpensive but also clean and well-kept, so that the fitters, craftsmen and workers feel comfortable and can enjoy their evenings there.

Furnishings in the rooms for workers are generally very plain and modest, as workers do not attach much importance to elaborate decoration. The furniture should be of good quality and condition. Having cooking facilities within the room, e.g. a small kitchenette, is a great advantage so that the workers can make their own meals. This saves money as they can cook for themselves and do not need to visit expensive restaurants.

language 12 Hygiene is important in the bathroom: Regular cleaning is an absolute must. Most workers consider a comfortable bed to sleep in, internet access and their own television to be basic prerequisites for an ideal worker’s room. Freely available towels and bedding provided by the landlord are also very welcome as this means the workers will not have to bring their own. A parking space for the work car directly outside the accommodation is particularly advantageous - otherwise searching for a parking space takes up a lot of time every day and has high fees associated with it.

On our online portal there is a huge selection of suitable rooms for workers and other worker accommodation in all cities throughout Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. You can also find rooms for workers in Austria. In the accommodation adverts on our portal you will find photos of the accommodation, descriptions of facilities, overnight prices and the contact details for the particular landlord.

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